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Vehicle Tracking

Need to track position, location and route of vehicles?

  • Trace your fleet locations on the map, in real time
  • Control route, distance (km), drive times and stop times
  • View complete vehicle's dash board and state
  • View exact fuel in vehicle's tank
  • View exact speed and different violations
  • View the History Data and Replays
  • Display alarms, Reports and Violations

Need to track vehicle's violations, different reports and alarms?

  • Control drive, activity and rest times.
  • Discover unplanned stops and movements
  • Verify operators' activities, stops and route changes
  • Monitor anti-theft buttons and optional devices
  • Remotely disable and enable the vehicle by cutting fuel and power
  • Avoid all telephone calls to drivers or technicians on the field
  • Control unexpected events along the route with our GPS Track
  • Display Fuel Consumption, Siphoning, Idling & Refuel

Need to track vehicle's Fuel reports and alarms?

  • View Liters consumed when driving and the mileage covered
  • View Liters consumed when vehicle is in idle state and not moving
  • View Liters siphoned or liters stolen from the tank
  • View Liters refilled at the fuel station
  • View all the history about the fuel


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